How To Set Heat Press Temperature

How To Set Heat Press TemperatureThis goes without saying that temperature is one of the most critical settings of a heat press. Setting the wrong temperature on your heat press may seem like a rookie mistake. However, this seemingly minor mistake is anything but that.

Any misunderstanding in the department of the temperature of your heat press can lead to a huge disaster, which is why it requires careful consideration.

To steer clear of disastrous results, you need to learn how to set the temperature on your heat-press machine the proper way. The entire procedure is based on only a couple of simple steps so do not fret.

How To Set Heat Press Temperature

Adjusting the temperature on a heat press may seem like a challenging task, but it is the opposite which can be done easily with the below-stated steps.

Step 1

Most models of heat press machines come with a control panel present right at the front. The control panel houses all the settings and buttons that are used to adjust the heat press. Temperature settings display along with the time display are present right at the top. Since we are learning about temperature, let’s stick to that. However, you can not adjust the settings with a powered-off heat press. So, plug your heat press machine into a power outlet, and turn it on.

Step 2

Once the heat press has turned on, then you will be able to set the temperature that your project requires. Press the button that is labeled ‘set’. In some models, both time and temperature come with their own ‘set’ button. However, many models only have a single ‘set’ button at the bottom. Once you have pressed it, you will see that the top display will start blinking C-F. This is basically the temperature unit. You need to select one that you desire, with the help of the arrow keys and then you will be able to move forward.

Step 3

After selecting a unit, then press the ‘set’ button once to be able to adjust the temperature level of your machine. If you wish to raise the temperature of your heat-press, then press the upward arrow that is present right in front of the temperature display. Keep pressing the arrow till your desired temperature is displayed on the screen. If you wish to lower the temperature, then you will need to press the downward-facing arrow. Keep pushing the same arrow button till the display shows the temperature you require.

Step 4

Once the display shows your desired temperature, then you need to press the ‘set’ button one last time. Voila, in simple and easy steps, you have set your desired temperature on your heat-press.


As the temperature of a heat press is a critical factor, it needs to be adjusted and set very carefully. The process in itself is very straightforward, and I have shared it in even simpler words in the article above, so even a novice will be able to understand it.