Oprol (by HYTIREBY) Portable Heat Press Review in 2023

Oprol Heat PressIt is highly frustrating when you need to move a ton of things around to make space for a single heat pressing machine. The heftiness of the machine and the entire hassle linked to it take all the fun out of the job.

However, when you have got a small magical machine in your hand such as the Oprol Heat Press, there is no more nuisance in the picture.

The overall design of this heat pressing machine is highly portable which makes it so much easier to work on different projects around the house. But, just because the machine is small does not mean it should be taken lightly. It comes packed with nifty features that are pretty amazing.

There are so many things inside the compact body of this machine that can not be discussed in a few lines, it needed a whole article devoted to it. So, below you will find every nook and cranny of this machine discussed in great detail.


What Makes Oprol Heat Press Stand Out?

The compactness and portability of this machine are its highlighting features, without a doubt. They make it stand apart from the rest of the models. Moreover, it comes with three heat levels, an automatic power-off feature as well as a heat-resistant insulation base that makes it appealing to users. In addition to that, the healing element of this model is another awe-worthy feature which deserves to be mentioned.

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Oprol Heat Press Review

Every model that Oprol has been built with keen attention to detail. They pay close attention to the needs and requirements of the users and then develop a design which meets those needs. This is the major reason why I had heard so much about the Oprol Heat Press.

So before even looking at the machine, I was pretty familiar with its traits. This model has a 7 inches x 3.8 inches wide design, which is perfect for every small substrate around the house that needs a little bit of adornment. Whether it is a small hat, cushion cover or a baby suit, this heat press is ideal for every small item.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a base included in the package. The insulation base is truly one of its best features. There is a power button at the front which turns the machine on and three lights under it.

These three lights denote the three heating levels. The heta press offers a low, medium and high level of heat. Switching from one to another is quite an easy task. Moreover, with the presence of an automatic power-off feature, safety is also included in the design of this machine.

One thing about this model that I love the best is that the manufacturers have added an even heating element inside the body. It covers the entire design of the heating plate, instead of only the centre area. The heating element ensures that the machine reaches its optimum temperature more swiftly.

It also brings even press to its list of perks. Another feature which ensures that the quality of every press is perfect is the addition of a ceramic coating on the heating plate. Along with enhancing the quality of the press, this feature also prolongs the overall lifespan of the machine. At the top of the machine is a thick handle which also comes with a layer of rubber on its inner side.

This is a handy feature both metaphorically and literally, as it allows a comfortable grip on the handle. So, it becomes even easier to carry this small machine around.


Highly Portable Design

Due to being small and compact, this heat pressing machine is extremely portable. The users can move them around from one place to another without any hassle. This perk is one of the best features of this machine, as it allows the owners to carry the heat press to the different projects, instead of having to drag the items on the worktable.


Insulation Base

Another great and thoughtful gesture by the manufacturers is the addition of the insulation base to the package. This insulation base is not only manufactured from sturdy materials, but it also comes with the trait of resistance to heat. Therefore, while working on projects, the user can place their heated machine on the insulation base. It will keep them safe from coming into direct contact with an overly hot surface.


Automatic Power Off

A feature of this model which I am sure every user will be grateful for is the automatic power-off. To enhance the safety of the users, the manufacturers have laden this model with an automatic shut-off feature. It gets activated if the heat press is left unattended for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the heat press power off automatically.



  • Compact size
  • Heat-resistant insulation base
  • 3 levels of heating
  • Automatic power off
  • Comfortable handle
  • Even heating element
  • Ceramic coating on the heat plate
  • Portable design


  • Not for larger projects
  • Suitable for beginners only
  • No alarm indictor


Why Should You Buy Oprol Heat Press?

The portable design of this model makes it an ideal machine for users that are always on the go, such as people who live in RVs and can not afford to carry around hefty machines.

Moreover, the three levels of heating make it ideal for a wide range of substrates. Its insulation base ensures the safety of the user as well as the machine. The simple and easy design is perfect for any novice who is on the lookout for an easily manageable machine.


At first glance, this model seems like any ordinary heat press that you can find on the market. However, the truth is far from it. This machine has been crafted with careful consideration of the needs of beginners. Read the article above to find out everything that is present inside the compact body of the Oprol Heat Press.