How to Choose a Heat Press Machine?

The first rule of making an intelligent purchase starts with looking at what the product will give you in return for the money you are paying. On top of that, looking for the drawbacks is above anything else. If you don’t know about the important aspects of the heat press machine, it will be difficult to choose from hundreds of online or in-store options.

The first step is to look for the features you need and want, and just like that, this article will take you through all the important factors and points you should know to choose a heat press machine. A heat press machine is indeed an investment to make money out of it.

Concerning all of this discussion, let’s begin with this blog post on how to choose a heat press machine. This article will solely discuss factors targeting every small and large-scale business. So, better now dig deep into these without wasting any minute further:

7 Factors to consider for choosing a heat press machine

Finding a heat press machine is harder and even more when the right factors are not discussed, such as temperature, budget etc. So, here are those for you!

  1. Temperature:

Temperature is the most important factor that you must consider apart from others. The temperature directly affects the material you are printing on. Every material has its own set temperature with which you can identify what you want.

Talking about that, if you plan on starting the T-shirt business you will need 350 degrees Fahrenheit, as this will be more than enough for the printing business. If you get a heat press machine in this range, it will work amazingly.

  1. Heat distribution:

Proper heat dispersion or distribution is another important factor. Mainly because if the heat is dispersed equally, doing larger prints on T-shirts will be simple yet a one-go thing. To do so, you must ensure that the heat distributes well on the upper plates.

  1. Convenience:

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, you should always consider the use of the machine because every machine’s usage and manuals vary. So, you must look at the machine’s features on how to work with it without facing any inconvenience. Of course, you can’t call and ask the technician or an expert to come at your place to handle the machine.

  1. Portable:

Whether you are running a home business or from a workspace, the device’s portability matters. It goes without saying that a machine should be portable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, dust or any transportation. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you go for a smaller machine, but you can acquire this with heavy/huge machines too. A machine should not be too big nor too small.

  1. Safety:

We all have heard that safety comes first, but we often forget about it when buying a machine. The amount of safety a company puts in its machines tells you the authenticity of the company and the effort it puts into making these machines for you. A great-looking heat press machine that can easily get short-circuit or get pressure/heat problems is nothing less than a waste.

Talking about that, larger models have more room between their top and bottom plates, which is another factor in considering purchasing one. And so is the heat press with a swing-away safety feature, the superior option if security is a top priority.

  1. Budget:

The price is, of course, the most important factor, even more so than the coverage. It’s no secret that the higher the cost of a heat press, the higher the guarantee of quality. However, investing in a high-priced press would be pointless if it couldn’t handle the workload you have in mind. For this reason, it’s important to determine your specific requirements for a heat press machine before making a purchase.

  1. Timer:

Accurate time is essential for a successful application of heat transfer. The same thing as the immersion time. Basically, the machine’s timer relieves this hassle and stress of checking on to the print. You can adjust the timer on most modern machines to exactly how long the heating process has to be, which varies from material to material.

If you own a business, this is especially important because you probably don’t want to destroy your customers’ t-shirts. In addition, you can get a heat press machine that automatically adjusts the time for each garment if you’re not sure you can accurately estimate the time required.

Types of Heat Presses – Additional Info

Now, if you are unaware of the types of heat presses, this section will help you make your decision. So, let’s begin:

  1.       Clam Shell
  2.       Swing away
  3.       Draw

Clam Shell:

These heat presses have clamshell-shaped top and bottom plates. They typically cost less and are more durable. If you’re short on storage space, consider getting a clam-style press, as this will help you a lot.

Swing away:

The second category we have is the swing away, in which the top plate delivers heat which is also adjustable, just like in clam shell presses. However, there is one major difference in how these presses operate. The top cover is removable and may be rotated through a full circle to clear any obstruction. Meanwhile, the swing-away press is a safer option than the first one.


Draw heat presses that have a bottom plate that can be adjusted. Like a drawer, this plate slides out when pulled. The press’s platen pulls out, taking up a little bit extra room in front of the machine, which is also one reason the other two are preferred.

Final words:

Heat press machines are not a piece of cake that you just buy without guidance and prior experience. The above-mentioned factors have helped me make the decision that it will help you.

To end, I hope you make a good purchase and great profit out of it in future.