How To Clean Teflon Sheet For Heat Press

There is no doubt in the fact that Teflon sheets are an amazing creation thanks to their reusability. However, a large mark of old HTV in the centre of your sheet can turn the situation around and have the sheet wasted, but not if you learn how to clean Teflon sheets for heat press.

Stains on Teflon sheets stick out like a sore thumb. As they result in the sheets being completely wasted, it ruins the situation, especially when there is a lack of clean sheets. But if you learn how to clean Teflon sheets, then it is possible for you to salvage the stained sheet and still work on your project.

I am no stranger to stains on Teflon sheets, this is why I have shared the whole step-by-step process of cleaning Teflon sheets that I use in the article below. You will also find a couple of facts by the end that you need to be mindful of, so keep reading and then salvage your Teflon sheets.

How To Clean Teflon Sheet For Heat Press

By following the methods below, you will easily clean your Teflon sheets.

Methods Of Cleaning Teflon Sheet For Heat Press

When it comes to cleaning Teflon sheets, there is one basic thing that you need to understand, the type of stain. There are different types of stains that take place on Teflon sheets, the most common ones being, old HTV designs or sublimation ink, and dirt marks. Both of these types of stains have their own different methods of removal.

First Method

The first method is for removing dirt stains from your Teflon sheets.

What You Will Need

In order to remove dirt stains from your Teflon sheets, you will need some warm water, a bowl, soap, a lint-free clean cloth and your stained Teflon sheet.


Place your Teflon sheet on a table and put all the items that you require close to it. Fill the bowl with some warm water, and then add some soap to it. Once the water turns soapy, then take your Teflon sheet and gently dip the stained area in the soapy water. Leave it in the water for 15 to 20 seconds and then take the sheet out and place it on the table. Take the clean cloth and start wiping the dirt stains from the Teflon sheet. Make sure to do this procedure with a gentle hand as a single harsh rub will result in the sheet getting ripped. Once you are done with wiping, let the sheet sit in a spot where it gets direct sunlight so that it dries quickly. Look at the sheet closely once it is dry to make sure that you removed all the stains, otherwise, you may need to repeat the process. However, it is best if you get all the stains out on your first try as wetting the sheet again and again can ruin it.

Second Method

The second method of cleaning a Teflon sheet is for sublimation inks stains or remainders of old HTV transfers.

What You Will Need

For this procedure, you will require a clean cloth, a cotton fabric, your heat press machine and the stained Teflon sheet.


Place the Teflon sheet on the lower platen of your heat press and turn the machine on. Adjust the temperature settings and make sure to set a high temperature as well as adjust the pressure too. Cover the stained part with a cotton cloth, and then shut the upper platen. Press the sheet for approximately 25 to 30 seconds, and then open the heat press. Lift the cotton cloth from the Teflon sheet and you will see that the stain will have transferred to it. The high temperature and pressure from the heat press will force the ink to melt and transfer onto the cotton cloth. In case there is a small bit left on the Teflon sheet, take your clean cloth and rub that area with it. As the sheet will still be warm, rubbing the area will help in removing the sublimation ink. If there is still some part of the ink left behind, then repeat the same process again to get rid of it.

What To Keep In Mind

In case there are ink or dirt stains on your Teflon sheet, then there are ways for you to clean it and reuse it. However, if your sheet has oil stains, then chances are that you will need to discard it. Moreover, never rub your Teflon sheet too harshly, as that will cause a rip, especially if the sheet is wet.


Reusing Teflon sheets all the time means keeping them clean from any type of stain. However, if a stain does form, then instead of discarding the sheet, you can easily remove the stain by following the methods shared in the article above.