How to Use Seeutek Heat Press?

Featuring the microprocessor program control and high precision, seeutek is making rounds on the internet and in the offline market. People are purchasing it as given free by the company but that’s not the deal. The game is all about the manufacturing and the advanced controls that seeutek is providing to its customers.

Side by side, there are other facilities given to the customers too as well as concerning the ease of the price in this inflation. But, since its new a d people are trying their hands for the first time, so it difficult sometimes to use a heat press as you can’t risk your fabric.

Concerning all the hype and the difficulty, I went straight to the warehouse and got the chance to use it for about 4-6 months. So, we are here to share how you can use the seeutek heat press machine at your own. Better let’s begin because I know you can’t wait more!

How to use seeutek heat press machine?

The use of seeutek heat press machine isn’t much difficult as you might have thought of it. And there are obvious reasons behind it, let me tell you one by one. First thing first, there is an automatic timer installed and alongside that we also get an alarming clock.

Talking abut that, half of the work gets done with the automatic timer and the rest is on you! Meanwhile, there are digital dual displays that get the control from the microprocessor. In addition, there are many other features too that you can see in the unboxing videos or review, but let’s move onto the use.

Step-by-step to use seeutek heat press machine

Step 1: Setting the temperature

When you click the “SET” key, the upper display frame will show “SP.” The lower display frame will show the current temp; to raise or reduce the temperature, you can use the upward and downward arrow key.

Step 2: Setting the time

For the time setting, make sure that you double-press the “SET” button until “S” appears in the top display frame. The time will be displayed in the bottom display frame. Click or to adjust or reduce the time-temperature.

Step 3: Conversion of C/F

To change between centigrade and Fahrenheit, press “SET” three times. When the upper display frame shows “C-F” and the bottom display offers a complete temp unit, press or to elevate or reduce the temperature, respectively.

Step 4: Attachment adjustments

Basically, when you get the machine, the machine is set to the T-shirt setting by default. Talking about the timer, so he machine has a 30 second countdown with a default temperature of 356°F. Meanwhile, if you want to heat press the caps or the mugs, at first you should remove the prior attachment. After that put in the attachment for caps or hats, secure it with screws, and the entire attachment easily slides in and out. This attachment merely has to be plugged into the control box; installation is not necessary for it to function. Take off the clip and reset the cups if you want to.

Step 5: Heat press your material

Lastly, the step is small with all the heat press machines. Put your t-shirt or anything you want t heat press, then place the design with proper markings and make sure there is no wrinkles, if you are heat pressing on the t-shirt.

After few seconds, unlock it and peel off the transfer to get the fresh print! Make sure to cool it down a bit at first and carefully take the transfer sheet off.

Important things you must know – Seeutek Heat press machine

    1. Different heating press components will require different amounts of time and heat.
    2. Before printing in large quantities, please test the appropriate temperature and time on a sample.
    3. Apparel must be worn at a temperature of around 180°C, and either fabric or 100% cotton clothing can be used with sublimation paper for 30 to 50 seconds.
    4. To heat press a t-shirt, make sure that the time or temperature isn’t set high as it can burn the t-shirt.
    5. Also, insufficient temperature will also fade the color of the t-shirt
    6. If you press for too long with the temperature too high, it can result in faded image

Final words:

To end, seeutek heat press machine is considered as the top-class among few others. It features innovative technology and excellent working, all if you know how to use a seeutek heat press machine.

Alongside that, seeutek offers great customer service and warranty period that you no longer have to worry about the aftercare! I believe I have discussed the topic in great detail but if there is something left, you canal sways ask. We are here to accommodate you! That being said, see you with another blogpost!