SmarketBuy 15×15 8 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

SmarketBuy Heat Press ReviewsNo matter how nifty a heat press is, if it offers a single substrate transfer, it is not worth the bucks in the long run, especially for professionals. The joy of heat pressing turns into a hassle when you need to place a separate machine for each substrate, not to mention, that the room turns into a disaster.

Before you completely dissuade the idea of heat pressing, take a look at the Smarketbuy Heat Press. This heat pressing machine comes with a multifunctional design comprising 8 different accessories, which will make sure you never have to go through the headache of multiple machines.

Multifunctional is only the tip of the iceberg, this model has so much more to offer including simplicity of usage and many nifty features. To call this model a one for all machine would be no exaggeration.

The article below contains elaborates every bit and piece in detail. So, sit back and relax as this heat press will be one of the best ones you have come across.

What Sets SmarketBuy Heat Press Apart?

This amazing model comes with a wide array of amazing features that set it in the spotlight. The list of nifty features starts from the presence of multiple accessories in the package.

The slide-rail design of this model is quite a handy feature which makes switching between accessories easier. Moreover, its swing-away design and Teflon coating on platens are also something that you do not easily find in the market.

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SmarketBuy Heat Press Review

SmarketBuy Heat PressWherever a nifty heat press is mentioned, SmarketBuy is present in that queue. Their designs always meet the demands of the users, which explains the hype. The SmarketBuy Heat Press also follows in the footsteps of its predecessors.

This heat press comes with a sturdy body that has been constructed with the best quality materials. Along with the quality of the exterior, what is present in the body is also note-worthy.

Each feature has been added with careful consideration. It comes with a 15 inches x 15 inches platen surface which is quite wide. This width will allow the owner of the machine to use it for transfers of different sizes.

It comes bearing a flat base which has wide feet that are less likely to slip as compared to other designs. The slide-rail design is another thoughtful addition that makes the usage of this model easier.

Moreover, the manufacturers of this model have also added a thick layer between the two platens. This layer is of an insulation pad which will allow for a better and smoother transfer of the designs.

With the two handles at each end of the platen, the user will be able to lift the top platen with ease. The further addition of a thick and rugged arm at the top platen will make it easier to open and shut the platen.

With the contoured grip, holding it for a prolonged period will not be a painful ordeal. The swing-away design of the platen is another handy addition that can not be overlooked.

With the LCD control box and the thick knob for pressure, adjusting the settings of this machine will always remain a hassle-free job. The presence of individual screens for time and temperature on the LCD control box is another thoughtful addition which puts this model on the top.


Slide-Rail Design

From my personal experience, the key feature of this model is the slide-rail design. It comes with a sliding rail at the top of the feet. This sliding rail makes it so much easier to remove the top platen with ease and add any other accessory in its place. The users do not have to fumble with screws and nuts, simply slide the platen press off, and voila.

Multiple Accessories

Safe to say that the presence of multiple accessories in the package also puts this model in the good books of every crafter. The manufacturers have added not one, but eight different types of accessories.

They include a platen press, a cap press, 4 mug presses of different sizes, and 2 plate presses of separate sizes. The wide range of options makes it easier to use this single machine for every type of transferring project. So, whether it is a large mug or a small plate, this heat press is your solution to everything.

Teflon Coated Platens

Another nifty feature of this heat press is the addition of a layer of Teflon coating on the platens. This generous coating not only brings protection to the design of the heat press but also gives the platen a gleaming finish. There will be no need to add a separate layer of protection on the top of the garment, as the Teflon coating will save it from getting scorched.

Swing-Away Design

Another thoughtful addition to the design of this heat press is the 360-degree rotation feature of the top platen. The top platen has a swing-away design; therefore, it is easier to move the heated top platen away while removing the garment. This feature not only adds ease to the usage of the machine but also brings safety to its list of perks.



  • 15×15 surface
  • Slide-rail design
  • 8-in-1 design
  • Contoured handle
  • Adjustment knob for pressure
  • LCD settings control box
  • Separate plate handles
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Temperature fluctuates slightly
  • Attachment cords are very short


Why Is SmarketBuy Heat Press Worth The Bucks?

The multitude of nifty features present in the robust design of this model makes it worth every penny. This heat press comes with a slide rail and a swing-away design. Moreover, the platens also come with a coating of Teflon.

The further addition of an insulation pad at the lower platen makes it possible for the bottom platen to heat up more evenly. Best of all, the addition of 8 different presses in the package makes it one of the best investments any crafter can make.


The SmarketBuy Heat Press comes with a gleaming design, but there is more to this machine than mere beauty. Every single feature has been added while keeping the needs of the users in mind.

I have shared my personal experience with this machine in the article above. So give it a read to get a clear idea of every feature of this model.