Gecko GK101 15×15 Heat Press Review in 2023

Gecko 15x15 Heat Press ReviewsDurability and convenience are two features that can easily shove a heat press into the limelight. However, finding both specifications in the same product is a head-scratching task. Being familiar with the hassle, I have taken the liberty of finding a product that fits the above-said description.

The Gecko 15×15 Heat Press is one of the few nifty machines that will give you strength as well as an easy-to-use design, in the same construction. This well-built model is the perfect machine for a novice and a professional for multiple reasons.

Every feature of this heat press is equally impressive, which is one of the major reasons behind its notable performance. This is why every specification deserves proper recognition. To do proper justice to this heat-press, I have jotted down my thoughts based on personal experience in the article below.


What Makes Gecko 15×15 Heat Press Unique?

The first feature that makes this model unique and stands it apart is the addition of non-stick coating on the platens. Moreover, the manufacturers have also added an automatic timer alarm in the body which is quite a nifty feature.

In addition to that, the single insulation pad layer is another feature which has a great influence on the performance of the heat press.

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Gecko 15×15 Heat Press Review

Gecko 15x15 Heat PressGecko has a reputation for coming up with nifty designs that always befit the needs of their users perfectly. Safe to say that the Gecko 15 x 15 Heat Press has not fallen that far from the tree as well.

This model is the ideal heat pressing machine for a beginner-level crafter as well as a professional. Even from a single glance, a person can tell how well-built this model is. It comes with a thick base that has small feet.

These ‘small’ feet play a large role in the smooth operation of the machine, by keeping it stable on the work table.

Moreover, this model also has a thick arm at the top. At the end of the arm is a handle which also has a robust design. Along with sturdiness, the handle is also oozing comfort with the presence of a thick layer of rubber covering it.

The other end of the long arm has a knob which twists clockwise and anti-clockwise. With the twisting of the knob, the users can control the pressure and increase/decrease it according to the needs of their project. The presence of an alarm system is another cherry on top of an already nifty design.

To make the design of this heat press more appealing to every crafter in the market, the manufacturers have made the platen surface 15 x 15. So, whether it is a small purse or the corner of a blanket that requires some glam, this single machine will be your go-to model for everything.

In addition to that, this model also has full-range heating coils. They allow better and even heating. This model’s higher heating range is another perk that sets it in the limelight.


LCD Control

Right at the top of this heat-press, the manufacturers have added a small white section that contains a couple of buttons as well as a small screen. This screen displays the time, and the temperature of the machine and the buttons are responsible for tempering the two settings.

Along with arrow keys for increasing and decreasing the time and temperature, the control panel also contains a power button, an ‘ok’ button, a time and a temperature button. The temperature of this model starts from 0 and goes up to 575ºF. Therefore, it is perfect for all projects that require a higher level of temperature.

Alarm System

This seems like a very small detail. However, every avid user of heat presses knows how important it is to have an alarm or a beeper. It notifies users when the time of the press is over, so they can remove their projects from the machine.

Therefore, they will be no need to linger around the machine the whole time. It will not only save your time but also energy.


Full Range Heating Coils

The essence of a heat press is the heating elements present in its body. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers of this amazing machine have added the full range of heating coils to its body.

The addition of these coils allows the entire platen to heat up quickly and more evenly. Therefore, the press will not be uneven from any corner or side.

Non-Stick Coated Platens

Another great feature of this heat press is the non-stick coating on the platens. This seemingly minor detail plays a larger role in the amazing performance of the machine.

This detail eliminates the need for protective sheets, as the design will not stick to the top platen. Moreover, it also keeps the garment safe from the direct heat from the lower platen.



  • Single-layer of insulation pad
  • Rubberized handle grip
  • LCD control panel
  • Full range heating coils
  • Automatic timer alarm
  • Non-stick coated platens
  • Higher temperature range


  • Doesn’t have a reset button
  • No separate top platen handles

Why Do You Need To Invest In Gecko 15×15 Heat Press?

The amazing features of this heat press are enough to convince anyone to spend their bucks on it. However, the real deal is the presence of full-range heating coils, an insulation pad, and a non-stick coating.

These features make sure that the transfer is always smooth and perfect. Moreover, the presence of an LCD control panel and an alarm are a few other specifications that make the machine worth the money. Lastly, the wider platen surface combined with the rubberized handle grip is some of its other great additions.


The Gecko 15×15 Heat Press is what I call an all-rounder machine. This model is equally perfect for a novice as well as a professional due to its amazing features. The manufacturers have laden it with perks that will make the entire task of transferring designs seem like a child’s play. Read the article above to find out more.