Angoo 12×15 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

Angoo Heat Press ReviewsAs appealing as the idea of heat pressing may seem to a beginner, the real deal is far from easy, which stomps all over the plans brewing in their heads.

What if I tell you there is a model that will give you the results you crave along with the simplicity of usage.

The Angoo Heat Press is something which every beginner, as well as a professional user, will drool over. The amazing design of the machine is not the only attractive part; in fact, it is just the beginning of it.

This heat press has a design loaded with handy features that are bound to bring ease to the life of every crafter.

In addition to that, this model also possesses the innovative technique of slide-rail which makes it even more irresistible. A few lines are not enough to describe the nifty piece of creation that is this machine.

Therefore, I have summed up my thoughts in detail in the article below to give you a crystal clear image of what this heat press is capable of.

What Makes Angoo Heat Press Unique?

There are many amazing features present in the sturdy design of this heat press that successfully set it apart from the rest. The presence of multiple types of 5 presses in one package is the first notable feature.

Moreover, a dual heating element is another perk that makes it worth the bucks. When you put that together with a dual insulation pad, the end result is bound to be spectacular.

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Angoo Heat Press Review

Angoo Heat PressDesigning a product that fits the requirements of the user is where Angoo thrives. Their heat presses always stand tall in the crowd due to their nifty features.

The same goes for the Angoo Heat Press. This model is one nifty piece of metal that will definitely make every crafter’s life so much easier.

The robust and sturdy construction of the machine is the first amazing feature, which is also quite an important one as it gives the heat press a longer life. Packed in a strong body is every amazing feature that you can think of.

The manufacturers have incorporated a dural heating element into the design of this model. This addition allows the machine to heat up more quickly as well as more evenly from every side.

The heat press sits on top of a thick base which prevents the machine from toppling over. Moreover, this model also comes with two handles at the top platen. The design of the plate is easily detachable.

The further addition of a long arm with an ergonomic handle at the end at the top of the platen is another detail that makes the usage of this machine a piece of cake.

The handle comes with a rubber grip which has a contoured design. Therefore, the fingers of the user can hold it without any discomfort.

Furthermore, this heat press also comes bearing dual insulation pads at the bottom platen. The thicker design of both pads allows for better insulation of heat on the lower platen.

Therefore, the transfer is always even and smooth. Moreover, these two pads keep the garment from scorching from direct heat from the bottom platen. The thick knob at the top left allows the user to tinker with the pressure of every press according to the requirements of their project.


Advanced Heating Element

Instead of shoving the regular single heating tube into the design of this model, the manufacturers have added a dual heating element.

The presence of this heating tube allows the heat press to heat up and reach the pre-set temperature more swiftly, hence, the user will not have to sit and wait around for their machine to reach optimum temperature.

Moreover, with the presence of this heating element, it has also become possible for each and every corner of the platen to be of the same temperature. This allows for a better and more even transfer, as there will be no need to redo the transfer.

Slide Rail Design

Another nifty addition to the body of this heat press is a slide rail design. Instead of requiring the user to unscrew a gazillion screws, they can simply slide the bottom platen off.

This is a convenience that every crafter will be thankful for at the time of usage. It allows for a quick and hassle-free exchange of presses, which makes the entire job quicker and easier.

Digital Control Box

Along with a rugged body, and strong construction, this model also offers a lot of ease to its users with a digital control box. At the top right of the machine is a small box that comes with a couple of buttons and screens at the front and one thicker button at the side.

Before we move to the front, the side button is the power button responsible for turning the machine on. Moving towards the front, there are two smaller screens, displaying temperature and time.

At the bottom of the screens are 4 buttons, that contain a plus, a minus, a mode and a start button. The presence of multiple buttons makes this model a treat for every beginner out there.

5 Types Of Presses

One of the key features of this model is the presence of 5 types of presses in a single package. This heat press contains a cap press, a mug press, a platen press, and 2 plate presses of different sizes.

This seems like not a big deal, but the presence of multiple presses makes it possible to use this single machine for every type of transfer project. It basically eliminates the need for any other machine.



  • Contoured rubber handle grip
  • Dual insulation pads
  • 5 in 1 design
  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • Slide rail design
  • Advanced heating element
  • Swing-away design of top platen


  • Needs lubrication for the swing-away design to work
  • Does not come with instructions for display contro


Why Do You Need To Invest In Angoo Heat Press?

The presence of multiple presses in a single package should be the first incentive to invest in this amazing model. Apart from that, it also comes with many other amazing features such as an ergonomic handle, digital control box, and dual heating tube.

Basically, this model contains every feature that brings easy usage to the table.


One look at the Angoo Heat Press and you can tell that this machine has been manufactured with keen attention to detail. The model comes with a multitude of perks that make it so much easier to transfer designs onto different surfaces.

Give a read to the article above that lists every feature of this machine.