Can you Heat Press Beanies?

Beanies never go out of trend and these recent years you will see big brands launching a whopping beanie collection. Because of the acrylic they contain, beanies are among the most well-liked goods. To sustain and basically grow in the fashion business, one must keep up with all the trends by staying in the budget.

But to stay in budget you need a budget friendly method. Considering that, people are thinking about heat press machine! This kind of clothing used to make heat printers a little hesitant to heat press them, but not any longer!

Talking about in this article, we will be discussing a great detail on can you really use heat press beanies alongside the advantages and disadvantages of using the heat press for beanies. So, better let’s start without any delay!

Can you heat press beanies?

Heat pressing isn’t limited to one type of garment. Yes, without any doubt or debate you can heat press beanies as well as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats etc. As there is nothing difficult in doing heat press, as it is as simple as iron.

Concerning so and the budget that we have discussed above, since you don’t need much accessories and tools to get the job done it is also budget friendly. All you require are a few beanies, your preferred pattern, and a beanie press machine or accessory.

Ensure that you adjust the time and temperature settings for the heat transfer sheet in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Now, let’s talk discuss it further

Advantages of using heat press on beanies

Everything comes with its own cost, be it expensive or economical! So is the case with the heat press on beanies. You can do it but here are some other pros that comes with it!

  1. Using a heat press machine for beanies is an easy and fastest way to get done with them. Meanwhile, other methods such as ironing etc., takes a little longer.
  2. The designs that come with using eat press lasts you for longer period as compared to one with iron or other methods.
  3. With the heat press, you can print any color of your choice
  4. With the unique design patches, you can heat press any design of your choice since you are not setting one print.

Disadvantages of using heat press on beanies

  1. It would be no wrong to say that there are such disadvantages of using heat press on beanies as long as you are using  the right techniques. If you are increasing the temperature, your print will be disrupted and will not last you longer.

How to get the right print with heat press on beanies?

As I have talked about tis above, that you will only get bad/disordered print if you are not printing right. The main reason behind an irregular print is the high temperature. Also, uneven surface is one thing. This is particularly true for items like infant onesies or the seams of clothing. The upper, thicker sections are more easily in touch with the heat press than the bottom ones. Other than that, there must be any pressure changes that can happen while heat pressing.

Basically, the manufacturers of machine prescribe times and temperatures based on thorough testing. They are knowledgeable because they got great experience in that. On the other hand, in the long term, using a higher temperature will prevent the glue from performing its function. It will become weaker or perhaps evaporate as a result of it. Anyways, here is how you can get away with such situations!

Using threading technique:

If you are getting print mars, then you can easily solve it with using the threading technique. In this, all you have to do is thread the bank.

Using pillow:

The use of pillow is the most effective method with which you can remove all the lines and irregular patterns in your design. For this, you need to put the pillow inside the fabric on which you want to heat press. Doig this, the area will be elevated and you can easily get done with the heat press.

Using Teflon sheet:

Lastly, you can always make use of any Teflon sheet to get the right patterned design without any disruption. For this, take a single Teflon sheet and place it in between the heat press and the design. Put the heat press on the Teflon sheet and after few seconds, until it gets a little cold you must peel it off. This way, the design will be printed as it was and will look more neat and good quality.

Final words:

To end, Yes you can use any brand heat press machine for beanies and with that being said, it is also safer yet economical to go for. Whether you are a student or thinking of starting a small business from a small work space, I highly recommend you to go for this.

Other than that, there are always some tips and tricks that you must now before starting with the machine. For that, you can also see our article to learn how to choose a heat press machine. Alongside that, we have also discussed the step-by-step guide to use a heat press machine!