Can You Use A Cricut Heat Press For Sublimation

The beauty of sublimation is the near-perfect results it delivers every time. However, for those results, you need to use a suitable machine. Many users, especially Cricut owners often wonder if they can use their Cricut heat press for sublimation.

Being a previous member of the audience that questioned ‘can you use a Cricut heat press for sublimation, I got my answer after a lot of research on this. The precise answer is yes, you can utilize your Cricut for projects that include the transfer of sublimated images and designs.

However, that is just the short answer to the question. During my quest, I found many other things that lead to a longer and more detailed answer. For your ease, I have jotted down everything that I found in this article, so you can get all the information about using the Cricut heat press for sublimation from one place.

Can You Use A Cricut Heat Press For Sublimation

The points presented below will answer your question of whether you can use your Cricut heat press for sublimation or not.

Cricut Heat Press

A Cricut heat press is not your average heat-pressing machine. The company has designed and packed the qualities of a bulky heat press into a small and compact body. Being an iron-on press, a Cricut heat press comes in many different sizes. The most common use of this machine is often for smaller projects that involve HTV transfers.

Can A Cricut Heat Press Be Used For Sublimation?

Even though the common use of a Cricut heat press is for heat transfer vinyl, let me broaden your horizon. You can use this amazing machine for your sublimation transfers too. A Cricut heat press is perfectly capable of handling sublimation transfers, which makes it ideal for a wide range of projects. The users are no longer restricted to using this machine solely for projects that include heat transfer vinyl. The major benefit is that the results of sublimation transfer from a Cricut heat press will not be low in quality or inferior to that of a regular heat press. Therefore, enjoy the perk of portability and use your Cricut heat press for different small and medium-sized projects of sublimation.

What To Keep In Mind

There is no doubt that you can use your Cricut heat press for various sublimation projects, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Flawless results will only be guaranteed if you follow a couple of guidelines. For instance, you need to make sure to get a Cricut heat press according to the size of your project and sublimation design. You can not press one part of the design first and then do the other as that will damage the design as well as the substrate present underneath. Picking the right size for the machine is a critical step.

In addition to that, you also need to make sure to set the right time and temperature on your Cricut. Sublimation transfers need to be pressed for a longer duration as compared to vinyl transfers. However, you also need to take the requirements of the garments into consideration. Pressure is one of the most important things to take care of. Larger heat presses do not require manual pressure, while a Cricut heat press does. Therefore, you need to make sure to apply even pressure throughout the duration of the sublimation transfer if you want flawless results. Another factor to consider is to always use a mat under your garment where you will sublimate the design. You need to use a mat that is larger than the design that you are going to transfer via sublimation. Moreover, always make sure to cover the sublimation design with a protective sheet before placing the Cricut heat press on it. Lastly, you need to remove the Cricut heat press and the sublimation sheet from the garment immediately once the time is up.


Owning a Cricut heat press is an opportunity to be as creative as you desire. The creativity often leads to questioning if you can use this machine for more than just vinyl transfers, especially for sublimation. Lucky for you, the article above has the answers to your question as well as more information that will help you achieve flawless results.