Can You Heat Press Microfiber Towels

Can You Heat Press Microfiber TowelsThe answer to the question can you heat press microfiber towels is both yes and no. Towels of this material can be heat-pressed. However, they come bearing a couple of restrictions and conditions.

If, by any accident, you do not follow those restrictions and conditions, then what will come out of your heat press will be a melted item that was previously a perfectly shaped microfiber towel.

The article below contains every condition that should be kept in mind while you are placing a microfiber towel between the two platens of a heat press.

Can You Heat Press Microfiber Towels?

Yes, you can heat press your microfiber towels, but you need to keep the following things in mind.

Setting The Right Temperature

When it comes to microfiber towels and heat press, the temperature of the heat press is a deal-breaker. When I say deal-breaker, it means, the heat press can either give you the perfect result, or it can turn your towels into a melted blob. Microfiber towels are made up of a blend of synthetic materials that are not very resistant to heat. Therefore, you need to make sure that the temperature of your press should not exceed 330°F to 350°F. Any temperature higher than 350°F can cause the towel to start losing its original shape and form.

Pressing For Shorter Period of Time

Similar to the temperature, the time settings of your heat press also need to be set according to the heat-sensitive nature of the towel material. Make sure that you do not press your microfiber towels for longer than 25 to 30 seconds. If you press the towels in this time range, you will always get a perfect result. However, a time higher than 30 seconds has a high chance of melting the towels.

Adding A Protective Sheet

Heat-protective sheets are a must for microfiber towels. You need to use a heat-protective sheet on top of your microfiber towel as well as place one under it. You can use Teflon sheets as they are the best protectant sheets on the market. Make sure to only add a single layer of the sheet, otherwise, the result may get damaged.

Use Heat-Resistant Tape

Another thing that needs to be considered while heat pressing microfiber towels is to always use heat-resistant tape to hold the design in its place. Any other tape will melt under the high temperature of the heat press. Moreover, not using tape will cause the design to move when the top platen of the heat press is being shut.

Using Sublimated Printed Images

When you are decorating a microfiber towel with the help of a heat press, you should only use a sublimated printed image. HTV stickers require high heat to be transferred perfectly. As high heat is damaging to microfiber towels, HTV stickers should never be used. Always use designs that are printed on a sublimation sheet.


Even though you can heat press a microfiber towel at home, there are a couple of conditions that apply to heat pressing microfiber. Each one of these conditions is there for the safety of the towel and to keep it in its original shape. The most important ones have been listed above.