Can You Heat Press Rayon

Can You Heat Press RayonConsidering the heat-sensitive nature of rayon, the question always arises whether the fabric can be placed between the two plates of a heat press or not?

The precise answer is yes, the long answer is only under specific conditions. You can transfer beautiful designs to rayon, but you have to follow some precautions that are there due to the sensitivity of the material.

Following the precautions listed in the article below will make sure the end results of your efforts is always beautiful and not scorched.

Can You Heat Press Rayon?

Yes, you can heat press rayon, but that will only be possible if you follow the steps below keenly.

Temperature Settings

Rayon is a highly sensitive material, which is why the temperature level of the heat press needs to be selected very carefully. For rayon, the maximum temperature of the heat press is 280°F. The temperature of the heat press should never exceed this limit when you have placed a rayon garment between the two platens. Higher temperatures will only burn your projects.


Another condition to keep in mind is that, with rayon, you do not start off with the maximum temperature. Start with 255°F to 260°F, and then build the heat from there. This will also give you an insight into the tolerance level of your garment.

Time Settings

Another critical condition that applies to heat pressing rayon is the period of each press. As rayon is quite delicate and has a tendency to burn under high heat, it is critical that you should not press it for a prolonged time span. Rayon should be pressed for a maximum of 5 to 6 seconds. Moreover, instead of heat pressing the design in a single go of 20 seconds, it is recommended to split it into shorter segments. Give the fabric 2 to 3 small presses, each for 5 seconds maximum. Moreover, open the platens between each press, and let the garment cool down a little. This small detail will keep your rayon project safe from burning.

Type Of Stickers

Another important thing to keep in mind is picking the right transfer stickers for rayon. Now, I do not mean the right designs. By the right transfer, it means the vinyl transfers that are made for rayon. Every fabric has its own nature, and hence, requires a different kind of adhesive. The same goes for rayon, it needs a special kind of adhesive that will make the vinyl stick to the surface perfectly. Therefore, it is important that when you are picking the vinyl transfers, you make sure that it should be suitable for your rayon project.

Covering Sheet

For a delicate material such as rayon, you must use a covering sheet while placing your project between the two platens. The presence of a covering sheet will form a barrier between the rayon and the platens of the heat press. This will keep the garment from coming into direct contact with the heat platens. The ideal sheet for rayon is parchment paper. You can use Teflon too, but it is a bit thicker, and considering the fact that you are already pressing on low heat, it will hinder the quality of the transfer.

Cold Peel

Rayon is a cold peel. This means that when you have pressed your rayon garment the required amount of times, you will need to let it rest for a couple of minutes. You can peel off the carrier sheet, once the garment is completely cool. Peeling the sheet right away will also peel off the vinyl transfer.


With a heat transfer on your table, every crafter wants to heat press every material in the house, including heat-sensitive ones like rayon. Do not fret, despite the nature of the fabric, you can heat press it, but only if you follow the above-given conditions.