Hihone (12×10) 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023 – Updated

hihone heat press reviewsWho does not want to press different types of substrates with a single heat press? Unfortunately, many models do not allow this luxury. However, the amazing piece of technology that is the Hihone Heat Press is not one of them.

This model is the definition of a high-grade heat press. Besides costing a reasonable amount of money and bringing more to the table than a single type of press, this model also possesses many other unique perks.

Creating vivid and graphic prints on different surfaces will no longer be a headache when you have this heat press on your work table. Read the article below to find out what else this machine is capable of.

What Sets Hihone Heat Press Apart?

The first thing that makes this heat press unique is the presence of different types of presses in the package. Moreover, this machine also has a 12×10 platen surface. So, many larger and smaller projects can be done with it.

The manufacturers have also added insulation pads to the lower platen that further enhances the performance of the heat press. The presence of Teflon coating on the platens is another perk that has placed this model apart.

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Hihone Heat Press Review

Hihone Heat PressWith every creation, Hihone proves that they are worthy of praise. Their heat press deserves the hype, speaking of which, their Hihone Heat Press is truly one of the best investments for any crafter out there.

It comes with a sturdy body that has been crafted with the best quality materials. The manufacturers have used high-grade aluminum in the making of the body, which brings the much-needed strength while keeping the weight in the low range.


Moreover, this heat press also possesses a digital LED display at the control panel for controlling the settings of the machine. This display contains the time, and temperature screens, along with three buttons for managing the two settings.

These buttons contain an upwards pointing arrow, a downward arrow, and a ‘set’ button. The machine also offers two units of temperature, which can be adjusted easily.


The presence of a knob at the other top-end gives users the freedom to alter the pressure. Simply turn the knob, and you will be able to set the desired pressure according to your project. The perk of swivel in the top platen was definitely a perk for me.

It allowed me to easily remove the searing hot plate aside when I was removing the garment from the lower plate. Another great feature of this heat press is that it has a wider base.

Therefore, there will be lesser chances of the machine sliding on the table while you are working. With a layer of Teflon covering the platens, there will be no need to add any extra protective sheets.


The manufacturers have put a lot of consideration into the making of this heat press and that gets proven by the presence of the rubber-coated design of the handle. Along with bringing comfort to the table, the rubber coating also adds better grip along with the perk of anti-slip to the design.

So, the user can lift the top platen comfortably without blistering their hands. A cherry on top of all of these perks is the presence of sliding rails at the bottom of the heat press. This is a really thoughtful addition that makes it easier to remove the bottom platen without any hassle.


5 Accessories

The top feature of this heat press is that it comes with 5 different presses. The presence of extra presses makes it possible to use the same machine for a variety of projects. It will save the users many extra bucks that they would’ve spent on additional heat presses.

Moreover, it also makes it easier to do different projects without creating clutter in your craft room. This heat press will single-handedly take care of all of your art projects.

Built-in Heat Tube

Effective heating is a critical part of a heat press. To enhance the performance of the machine, the manufacturers have incorporated a U-shaped heating tube into its body. This heating tube sees to it that the heat press gets evenly heated from every corner of the platen.

Moreover, it also ensures that the temperature in the corners and the middle remain the same. Therefore, the transfer will be flawless from every angle. Say goodbye to re-pressing the same design over and over again.

Silicone Insulation Pad

An innovative addition in the design of this heat press is the presence of a silicone insulation pad. This feature completely transforms the performance of the heat press. It allows the heat to be enclosed in the lower platen, therefore, instead of the heat escaping,

it will be encased in the lower platen, allowing for a much even transfer. The design will be even from every corner. Moreover, you will also transfer the design in a single go. So, this feature also eliminates the need for doing multiple presses for a single design.



  • Horizontal swivel
  • Pressure adjustability
  • Height adjustment
  • LED control panel
  • Teflon-coated platens
  • Rubberized handle grip
  • Sliding rails


  • Lacks clear instructions
  • The power cord is not very good quality

Why Should You Buy Hihone Heat Press?

Every crafter who needs more in less should invest their bucks in the Hihone Heat Press. This machine comes with a sturdy design that consists of durable and high-strength materials. Moreover, it also has more presses in the package rather than a single one.

The further addition of the built-in U-shaped heating tube makes it possible to transfer heat evenly throughout the dimensions of the design. The Teflon layered platens allow for safe transfer without any burning tragedies.


A single use of the Hihone Heat Press proved that this was a wise investment. Along with offering amazing performance, the machine itself is very easy to maneuver.

There are no complicated settings that will become a source of headache. The simple design and the comfort features will make this the best purchase present in your craft room.