How To Clean Cricut Heat Press

It is a nightmare when you lift your Cricut heat press and see a big stain on the garment along with the transferred design. Seeing nasty stains on your heat-pressing project is one of the worst things ever, and a result of not cleaning the tool. If only you had learned how to clean your Cricut heat press, this dilemma could have been avoided.

Whether you use your Cricut heat press once a month or on a regular basis, there comes a time when cleaning it becomes inevitable. However, keeping the nature of a Cricut heat press in mind, you need to clean it carefully to ensure the machine does not suffer from any damage.

To make matters easier for you, I have summed up the entire process of cleaning a Cricut heat press in simple steps in the article below. If you follow these steps closely, you will be able to get rid of any build-up from your heat press without endangering it.

How To Clean Cricut Heat Press

You are going to learn how to clean your Cricut heat press in the easy steps present below.

Residue Build-up On Cricut Heat Press

There comes a time when you use your Cricut heat press, along with the design stains also get transferred to the garment. These stains can be old stickers stuck to the upper platen, or dirt and grime build-up. No matter what it is, the only way to restore the flawless result delivery of your machine is to clean it properly.

What You Will Need?

For cleaning your Cricut heat press, you are going to need a couple of items. The first thing that you are going to require is a lint-free cloth, a mat, a parchment sheet or some extra fabric, two types of cleaning liquids, and of course, your Cricut heat press. You can not use any cleaning liquids, but the ones that come with either acetone or alcohol. The second one that you are going to require is some hot iron cleaner.

Procedure Of Cleaning Cricut Heat Press

Cleaning a Cricut heat press may seem like a simple task but a small mistake can inflict irreversible damage to your machine. Therefore, follow the below-stated steps very closely to get good cleaning results with zero damage.

Step 1

Before we start cleaning the Cricut heat press, you need to make sure that your heat press must be powered off. If the machine is powered on, then turn it off, and wait for the platen to cool down. You can clean the platen while it is hot, but that is highly risky so it is best if you clean it when it is cold.

Step 2

Once the heat press has cooled down, take the lint-free cloth and add a generous amount of cleaning liquid to it. Start rubbing the cloth over the stain marks on the platen to get rid of them. Make sure to use a gentle hand, rubbing too harshly can damage the platen of your Cricut heat press. Keep rubbing the platen of your Cricut heat press. Now put the cloth down and turn the machine on.

Step 3

When the heat press has powered on, you are going to take the cloth and pour some hot iron cleaning liquid on it. Take the cloth and rub it over the platen. This will help in ensuring that you get rid of every last bit of grime or old vinyl from your Cricut heat press. Once the cleaning procedure is done, place the old fabric down, cover it with a parchment sheet and give it a press. If there is any build-up left on the platen, this press will help in transferring it to the old fabric from the platen. Keep pressing till you are satisfied that the platen of your Cricut heat press is clean. Take a clean cloth and wipe down the rest of your machine with it to clean it all.

Why Is It Important To Clean Cricut Heat Press?

Cleaning the Cricut heat press is critical as old transfers stuck to the platen or dirt and grime can transfer onto your projects. Cleaning the platen from time to time helps in removing any build-up from it. Therefore, the results of the press are never disappointing and full of stains. In case you are unable to clean your Cricut heat press, then it is critical for you to always use a sheet of parchment paper or a Teflon sheet to protect your projects from stains and ugly marks.


A dirty Cricut heat press will transfer your design on different garments, but it will transfer other stuff too. You will see stains from old vinyl stuck to the platens, and even dirt marks on your precious work. Therefore, learn how to clean the Cricut heat press to eliminate the appearance of such nasty stains.