How to Clean Heat Press Plate

How to Clean Heat Press PlateWith the continuous use, often overheating, melting HTV over and the material;

These can certainly leave a residue over the heat press plates.

And you cannot just apply any other method to retain the clean and sleet surface.

So, it is better to know exactly how to clean heat press plate with the known methods for the sake of not destroying the heat press machine.

The better you take care of your heat press machine,

It would ensure lasting for years serving best to upscale your heat-press business.

How to Clean Heat Press Plate

Whether you conduct daily, fortnightly, or monthly cleanup schedules; the motive here is to keep the heat press plates cleaned.

If the residue is left over the plates, that could initiate heat loss where the imprinting process could take longer than usual.

And then taking the temperature to the higher mark can actually ruin the whole scenario,

Burning the material and adding an extra layer of residue over the plate.

What Materials Required for Cleaning Heat Press Plate

  • Heat-proof hand gloves
  • Sandpaper
  • Scrub pad
  • Chemicals
  • Hot soapy water-filled bucket
  • Piece of a soft cloth
  • A dry towel

These all materials will be used depending on the type of heat press you got.

Cleaning the Non-Sticky Heat Press Plate

Well, the non-sticky heat press aka Teflon-coated heat press machines are quite easy to clean.

The newer models of the heat press machines are generally non-stick,

So that is going to prevent you from repeating the deep cleaning procedure every time.

Let’s get started with the cleaning process;

  • Plug the machine into a power post and run it for some time to heat up
  • Wear the heat-protective hand gloves
  • Wipe the residue using the soft cloth dipped in the soapy water which you have readied and stored in the bucket as the combination of pre-heat can make the most of the residue removed already
  • Turn off the machine and unplug the power cable from the outlet
  • Now, apply the cool water on the plates and wipe them using the soft cloth to actually soak the soap residue
  • Wipe the plates again with a piece of towel and let it air dry. After that, the heat press machine is ready for the next task!

Cleaning the non-Teflon-coated Plate

Now comes the turn of cleaning the plates from the non-Teflon coated heat press.

If you have such a heat press machine, you would regret your choice.

Although it is possible to keep its plates neat and shiny when you choose our way of cleanup. đŸ™‚

Let’s find out the cleaning process for non-Teflon coated heat press plate real quick;

  • First off, unplug the machine
  • The plates may have solid grit on them, so use the sandpaper to remove the residue as much as possible but do not just rub the sandpaper in an extreme way
  • Apply the abrasive cleanser on the plates and scrub around vigorously by dipping the soft cloth into the bucket filled with soapy water
  • After that, plug back the machine and heat it for a while
  • Wear heat-protective hand gloves and scrub the entire surface of plates, this way the residue will come off easily because of turning softened on its own
  • Turn off the machine again and let it cool down
  • Now, rinse the plates with cool water to clear them from the soap residue
  • Dry the machine using a towel before you call off the whole cleaning procedure completed

Clean The Heat Press Plates Time to Time

Due to your usage frequency, it is advised to always clean them before use.

If you use the machine daily, clean it when the workday completes, starting fresh the next day.

This way you can converse a few bucks off from your electricity bill because the more residue it keeps,

It would take a hell of a time to get to the pre-set temperature.


So, we know the circumstances that can be faced being a heat press owner.

And we cannot just imagine the heat press machine running with the layer of residue (agghh GOD!)

Keeping the plate clean is not a real task, but how to clean heat press plate by employing the standard procedure and repeating it daily is.

Go easy and make it a habit, that’s all we can say!