How to Use Vivohome Heat Press?

Vivohome has just launched the brand a few years ago, not so long right in 2015 and you all are seeing the name everywhere. I don’t even need to introduce it to anyone of you, because its already everywhere.

Talking about the time tenure and the development, vivohome has made, people are still into buying their products. On top of the list, it’s the vivohome heat press machine, that I also got because of the hype to know what its all about.

Since I got my answer, so here is me telling you to make investment. And if you have already made it, here I am talking about how to use vivohome heat press machine in few easy steps. So, better let’s begin without getting int more details about the vivohome.

How to use vivohome heat press? – Step-by-Step Guide

Vivohome heat press is particularly solid because of its sturdy foundation. The guide rail design provides superior outcomes, and the swing-away design aids in full range rotation performance. Meanwhile, with the exception of a prettier aesthetic, the functionality is almost unchanged from other machines.

But, moving ahead with the use, I wanted to let you know a little bit about the features of the vivohome heat press machine. Also, vivohome heat press machines are digital so you won’t have to worry about the manual systems, timings and everything!

Step-by-step guide to use a vivohome heat press machine

Step 1: Setting the pressure

First thing first, you will see the pressure regulator knobs on the machine. Before moving onto the temperature, switch on the heat press and with the help of these pressure knobs, adjust the pressure. Make sure that you do moderate settings if you don’t want to get in any kind of trouble. But, if you have a good hand on experience with the fabrics, then you can choose according to that.

Step 2: Setting the temperature

Moving on to the second step, the Vivohome heat press’s LCD screen panel allows you to adjust the temperature. For doing so, select “Mode” from the menu. After that, use the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons to adjust the temperature after choosing the desired setting. To confirm, press the ‘Set up’ button and you will be done.

Step 3: Take off the protective film

In the third step, you must remove the protective film even before placing and heat pressing the material. The film isn’t supposed to be inside it when you are supposed to work!

Step 4: Putting the fabric

When putting the material inside the press, it is crucial to straighten it. A terrible print will result from any folds. To get rid of creases, you can pre-heat the clothing in the press for 5 to 10 seconds. Additionally, stretching the garment before putting it in the press is a good idea. By doing this, the print will slightly contract once you’re done, decreasing the likelihood that it will crack in the future.

Step 5: Starting the machine

For working, you must consider the material while determining the appropriate time, temperature, and pressure. Now, pull off the heat presses cloth and remove it. Remember to put on your safety gloves. With that being said, make sure that you don’t give any material more time than recommended on the user manual that comes with the vivohome heat press machine.

Features of vivohome heat press machine – Contributes in the use

1. Consistent performance and effectiveness:

Many low-cost machines designed for household usage suffer from inconsistent performance. However, some are still far superior to others. In vivohome heat press machine, the most crucial aspect is that the heat source remains the consistent and accurate temperature required to apply the design to the material, so that’s a win.

2. Friendly Useability:

With an easy-to-use control box, it is much simpler to get these proper temperatures and the greatest results. Here, you can set the temperature and timer that are required for the task at hand. The press’s ergonomic and comfortable grip, as well as its 360-degree safety swivel, are additional elements that make it user-friendly. The convenience of attachment swapping is also helpful.

3. Perfect size:

Size does count in heat press situation. Some heat press machines, which have a plate size of 10-12 by 10, are too tiny for larger objects yet have a reduced footprint in a small craft space. Models that are 15 x 15 inches can be more adaptable, but you must make sure you have enough room for it.

4. Working period:

When purchasing anything that fits your budget better, you must be realistic because some of these equipment can eventually develop flaws. Reading user reviews can help you identify these flaws and learn how the company in question fixed them. Rare problems don’t cause too much trouble, but frequent breakdowns can. I really like the working time period of vivohome heat press machine as they are far better than others in this era!

Final words:

I hope this has helped you in working with the vivohome heat press machine and will surely help you in expanding your printing business idea. Meanwhile, if you are here for my recommendation about the suability of vivohome, from my side it’s a win honestly!

That being said, see you in the next blogpost with another topic but all about heat press machines!