Vivohome (15×12) 8 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1 ReviewThe headache a professional crafter has to go through to meet order deadlines with the old piece of junk in the name of a heat press is intolerable. The only thing that can rescue a person from such aggravation is the Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1.

I would use the statement no fuss, no mess, just a simple press to define the Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1, but nothing about this press is simple. Every feature of this model oozes quality.

It has been crafted specifically to give users everything they want in a heat press, in a single body. So, without any further delay, let’s discuss what the hype around this model is all about.

What Makes Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1 Unique?

The first feature that definitely makes it unique is the presence of 8 different types of presses in a single package. Moreover, the double heating tube also plays a role in making this model worth the praise.

With the LCD panel at the top left, the usage of this heat press has become child’s play. Even a novice can operate it without any problem. Lastly, the insulation pads are a nice touch that enhances the results’ beauty and evenness.

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Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1 Review

Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1The reputation of Vivohome does not appear out of thin air. Instead, it comes from the quality they provide to their users, like their Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1. This heat press has an exterior enough to make any crafter drool.

Everything about this heat press is top-notch, from the rugged looks to the quality. It comes with a construction which is sturdy enough to give you decades of usage.

Moreover, the flat base combined with the feet at the bottom will keep the heat press stable in its place. This stability ensures the best results, as there will be less chance of slipping.

The inside of the heat press is as impressive as its gleaming exterior. It has a double heating tube that will make sure to keep the temperature even from every corner.

The machine also reaches the pre-set temperature more swiftly. The further addition of insulation pads at the bottom platen makes it possible for the transfer to be more even and neat. Moreover, the swing-away design of the top platen keeps accidents at bay.

Simply move it aside at the time of adding or removing your project. With the LCD screen panel, adjusting every setting will be done in mere seconds.


Furthermore, to make the deal more interesting, the manufacturers have added extra presses in the package. Therefore, this model is straight out of every crafter’s dream.

The top handle comes with a double-arm design and thick coating. Therefore, the task of opening and shutting your heat press will not only be convenient as well as comfortable.

There are two handles at the top plate that have an anti-scorch design to keep the user’s hands safe. The best part is that even after all these safety features, the manufacturers have still added a pair of gloves in the package.

The smallest details make an item worth the money, and this one definitely takes the crown in that.


8 in 1 Design

This is easily the highlighting feature of the Vivohome Heat Press. The presence of not one or two but eight different types of presses in the package is enough to make every onlooker pause.

The manufacturers have included a platen press, a cap press, two plate presses of different sizes, and four mug presses of various sizes. The cherry on top is that switching from one type of press to another is a task which will only require a few minutes.

So, bid farewell to the dilemma of multiple pressing machines, as this model will cater to all your needs singlehandedly.

Double Heating Tube

Instead of the traditional single heating tube, this model has been loaded with a double heating tube. This single feature alone makes such a huge difference in the performance and the results of this heat press.

It allows for the surface to heat up more quickly and more evenly. When the 15×12 surface is evenly heated from every side, the quality of the transfer will be exquisite.


LCD Screen Panel

The third feature of this heat press which deserves proper recognition, is the presence of an LCD screen panel. This screen panel has quite an appealing look, which is only fitting as its performance is equally amazing.

It has a power button on the side and a screen, and a couple of buttons on the front. The top button is the plus, and then the minus button. The below two contain the setting button, which gives temperature and time, and the last is the mode button.

These buttons are made from silicone, so even the slightest push will do the job. The screen shows every setting clearly. The best part is the adjustable design of the screen panel. It does not sit rigidly, facing forward only. In fact, the users can move the panel to the side too.



  • Insulation pads
  • Swing-away design
  • Anti-burn plate handle
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Comes with gloves
  • Double arm top handle
  • Pressure knob


  • Does not have any user’s manual
  • The timer buzzer stops working after a while


Why Should You Buy Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1?

Every feature of this heat press screams high-quality. The real reason why it is worth the money is the presence of multiple types of presses that allow everything from a plate to a puzzle to be pressed.

Moreover, this heat press also has a double heating tube; when you combine that with the insulation pads, you get an evenly heated surface. The adjustable LCD screen panel is a cherry on top of an already amazing deal.


The Vivohome Heat Press 8 in 1 has to be one of the nifty creations of all time. This heat press has everything from quality construction to easy to use design. This is why it is equally ideal for professionals and novices.

With the presence of multiple presses and an easy to operate LCD screen, bulk orders will be taken care of immediately.