Vevor (15×15) 6 in 1 Heat Press Review of 2023

vevor 15x15 6 in 1 heat press reviewsThe hefty price attached to the heat press often dissuades people from investing in the handy machine. Despite its amazing performance, nobody wants to get a machine that costs them an arm and a leg.

However, when you are getting more at the same price, then the temptation becomes hard to resist. This is what the VEVOR Heat Press 15×15 is all about.

This model offers more at a single price with its 6-in-1 design. You do not have to pay extra for the additional platens.

The 6 different platens that accompany the heat press open up the doors to the realm of creativity. Moreover, the robust exterior encasing all the nifty features will give you years worth of usage.

At a price of under $300, you will be able to work on all types of various substrates, which is quite an amazing deal. The article below lists everything this handy machine is capable of, in great detail.


What Makes Vevor 15×15 6 in 1 Heat Press Standout?

The Teflon-coated platens alone are enough to make this product stick in the limelight. The further addition of a timer alarm is a small yet thoughtful detail that will enhance the user’s experience with this handy machine.

The 6-in-1 design of the heat press also plays a vital role in placing it in the spotlight. Moreover, the dual-layer insulation pad will make sure your garment gets evenly heated from every single corner.

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Vevor 15×15 6 in 1 Heat Press Review

vevor 15x15 6 in 1 heat pressVEVOR has got quite a reputation for acing the expectation of their users, and they have done that with this creation as well. There are many features that every crafter needs in their heat-press, but at the top of the list are two – durability, and ease of usage.

Safe to say that the manufacturers of VEVOR Heat Press 15×15 have considered every need of the user. This single machine will be enough for all your crafting projects.

First of all, this heat press has a construction of aluminum with hints of metal. This combination loads the machine with unparalleled strength and durability. So, even if you plan on keeping this on your table for a decade, this heat press will not disappoint you.

The metal base really helps in maintaining stability, while you are working on important projects. The creators of this nifty machine have also added a height adjustment feature to its design.

This incorporation helps in keeping the pressure stable. You can easily increase or decrease the height of the top platen with the knob that is present right next to the control panel.

Another feature of this heat press that I love is that it comes with a dual-layer insulation pad. The presence of this pad at the bottom platen ensures that the heat is evenly distributed as well as stored properly inside the lower platen.

This small detail helps in transferring the design evenly. Moreover, it also provides another benefit, and that is keeping the fabric from slipping off. Furthermore, with the addition of a rubber coating on top of the handle, shutting and opening the top platen becomes easy. It no longer leaves the hand blistering. The top platen’s swing-away design helps minimize direct contact with it, especially when it is hot.


Digital Control Panel

To enhance the ease of the user, the manufacturers have added LED screens to the control panel. This control panel houses all the settings that you will require to operate this heat press conveniently.

There are two screens on the control panel, the top being the temperature and the bottom denoting the time. Under the screens are a few buttons that include a plus (+), a minus (-), a third one labeled ‘mode’, and the fourth being the ‘start’ button.

To increase the time or temperature, you need to press the plus button. Similarly, to decrease the required setting, press the minus button. Pressing the mode will lock the settings and activate the machine. With these simple keys, tinkering with the machine is quite an easy task.

I saved the best detail for the last, when the pre-set time is up, an alarm is played out by the heat press. This eliminates any chance of accidental overpressing.


6-in-1 Design

This machine comes with 6 types of press. It has a cap press, 2 plate presses, 2 mug presses, and lastly, a platen press. Thanks to the presence of all of these multiple presses in a single package, there will never be a need to go out and purchase more presses. Whether you wish to press ceramic mugs or your plates, you can do it all with this heat press alone.


Teflon Coated Platens

Another major feature of this heat press is that it comes with a Teflon layer covering the surface of the platens. Let me enlighten you on why this is a benefit. The addition of Teflon coating eliminates the need to use any extra protective sheet on your project.

Moreover, with this additional coating, the surface of the platens becomes non-stick, so your precious designs will not stick to any platen.



  • Durable build
  • Non-stick surface
  • Swing-away design
  • Comes with a dual-layer insulation pad
  • Rubber coated handle


  • Alignment of the press requires a slight adjustment
  • Temperature fluctuates


Why Should You Buy Vevor 15×15 6 in 1 Heat Press?

Achieving accurate results with a heat press will no longer be a dream, thanks to this handy machine. This heat press checks all the boxes from strength to endure rough usage, to a design that can be controlled easily. The durable material utilized in its making will keep it working for years.

So, whether your usage is occasional, or regular, this model will give you the results of your dreams. With the control panel and the height adjustment knob, tinkering with the settings will be a piece of cake.


The results that every crafter yearns for can be achieved with the VEVOR heat press 15×15. With its wide platen size, larger designs can be transferred easily. You will not even have to spend a large sum of money, as this machine falls in a reasonable price range. So, at a decent cost, you get to heat press every item in your house.