Can You Heat Press Windbreakers

Can You Heat Press WindbreakersThat’s utterly a shocking surprise knowing if can you heat press windbreakers?

Being in the printing business, you would not only be having cotton-made t-shirts but when you start to get other types of materials; just do not say no.

There is no rocket science to take in the windbreakers but you have to cater to some important factors to avoid overburning the stuff.

What we are sure of after reading this entire guide, you will never say no to imprinting the windbreakers.

Can You Heat Press Windbreakers?

Yes, that is entirely doable.

And the good thing is, the regular heat press machine is set to imprint windbreakers.

So, you do not have to invest a hefty amount in getting another machine that does a limited amount of work — only imprinting the windbreakers.

What is that Windbreaker thing?

Windbreaker is actually the lightest version of the jacket.

It is too thin and so light that you cannot feel like wearing anything.

Almost weightless, the windbreaker jacket provides the shield against the harsh wind chills and from the light rain but as the name suggests, it works perfectly to block the wind.

And the alternative name to the windbreaker is windcheater.

That is just not it, you still do not know what windbreakers are made of.

In account of that, they are usually made of breathable nylon and sometimes with polyester and that makes it a shred of evidence why they are super lightweight.

How to Heat Press Windbreakers

Now that you know it is possible to heat press the windbreakers, the next step comes to find out how?

Follow the aforementioned steps revealing how to heat press windbreakers;

  • Lay down the windbreaker over the lower platen
  • Smooth it out using the hands, make sure there are no creases and dirt over it
  • Set the heat temperature setting to between 250 to 320 degrees due to the reason the nylon is exposed to high heat and can burn/mingle the material
  • Set the design HTV over the windbreaker
  • Lower down the upper platen and keep it pressed for up to 15 to 20 seconds but do not apply excess pressure. The pressing intensity should be light to medium due to the build of the windbreakers (nylon is an extremely heat-sensitive material)

If it is your first time heat pressing the windbreakers, do not go for it with the client’s project.

Make sure to get the windbreaker to test and learn the heat pressing it and gain experience.

There is one important thing to take note of; as the nylon is super sensitive to heat,

The best way to imprint the design using HTV is to go through multiple short presses to make sure the nylon does not get burnt as well as the design is properly sticking to the surface.

For that, you can do small four to five presses exceeding no more than five seconds.

This way, the nylon material stays cool avoiding the situation of overheating and burning it.


So, we never see any evidence that stops heat pressing the windbreakers.

Just that it needs to be following some common but essential factors to avoid letting happen any unforeseen issues with it.

Now if someone asks whether or not can you heat press windbreakers?

The answer is simply a big yes.

And that is the factor why windbreakers do not come with integrated designs because people fear heat pressing it due to its thin and heat-sensitive material.

That can be a bigger breakthrough for your printing business by heat pressing the windbreakers.

Market this around your area and mention you are offering the exclusive service of customizing the windbreakers.