Slendor (12×15) 5 in 1 Heat Press Review 2023

slendor heat press reviewsThe best heat press machine is liable to ensure accurate temperature and pressure but, finding the most reliable machine can be more of a challenge.

Usually, you will find a heat press machine that either loses its performance over some time or they burn your fabric or material without any caution of heating. Therefore, when you want to imprint logos or designs on T-shirts looking for quality control becomes pivotal.

For this article, we have picked this Slendor heat press that looks reasonable from its design and manufacturing point of view.

After seeing its real-time performance and the approach to imprint design on T-shirts, caps, bags, and many more things, we have found this machine one of the best fits under a reasonable price range.

With this heat-press making incredible, stunning, and gorgeous designs is not a big deal. You have quality features, the best user experience, and the well-made contour that fits best on tables and desks. So let’s cut to the chase and find out more about its features.

What Makes Slendor heat press Outstand Others?

There are so many features of this Slendor heat press that it is difficult for us to name only one feature that makes this machine stand out from others. You can set the temperature using the digital control box lets you set the temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius alternative!

Moreover, it comes with the fuller freedom to use it for imprinting enchanting designs on various materials including T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, and lettering, and other misc. fabric and materials without losing the quality at all.

The non-stick surface and non-slip rubber handle are easy to hold and grip which means practice keeping this machine in your use, even if you are a novice.

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Slendor heat press Review

Slendor heat pressSlendor is the name of the trust. This company for making heat press always assures quality when it comes to the steady performance. Due to the quality standards and the robust machine that they produce, Slendor has become the preferred choice for those who want to imprint the design on their own. This is a 5-in-1 heat press machine and the high-quality Teflon coating makes it even more desirable to opt for.

The aluminum heating plate on this machine is also there that tells you more about quality when you want to imprint other than fabrics. Its two Teflon coating sheets further bring in quality and protect the vinyl and clothes from burning when you are working on the machine.

Slendor heat press machine has been designed with the full 360-degree rotation and swing-away design. You have it fully functional for imprinting design on anything. The Teflon sheet has been kept heat-resistant and it is also super easy to clean the plate.

Therefore, you can print more designs with less hassle. With that machine you have the 1 x fully-assembled machine with platen press, 1 x Hat press 5.5″x 3″(Flat), 1 x Mug press 3″-3.5″ Diameter (11oz), Plate Press, 1: 5″ Max Diameter, Plate Press and the 2: 6″ Max Diameter that never fails on producing quality.

Along with that, you have the alloy guide there about the quick and easy conversion between the cup, hat, and plate hot pressing. This machine is operational under 110 voltages and comes with a temperature range of 0-482℉ (0-250℃). As for the time range, you have the 0-999 seconds which makes it more comprehensive. On its 12 x 15 inches working area and the full 360-degree rotation and swing-away design you have enough privilege to place fabric or ceramics.


Vinyl machine with full range pressure

This vinyl heat press machine is efficient and stops heating when the preset temperature is reached to the point where you have set it. Also, the full range pressure is adjustable through a knob. You can set the pressure range keeping the material in mind. Moreover, its lower platform is quite easily removable. Also, its silicone pad and cotton pads are removable.

Easy to use

If a machine is not user-friendly, you cannot keep it in use for longer terms no matter how feature-rich it is! This is easy to operate the machine and the heat distribution is even. That makes it one of the splendid choices that never compromise on the quality factor. Just read the manual for precise information, buttons, and more and you have it’s the ready-to-work approach at hand.

2-layer thermal insulation cotton

Talking about standout features, here is another point that you cannot overlook. Slendor heat press comes with the durability ensured and its dual-layered thermal insulator is there. The cotton insulation comes with the post-industrial recycled cotton textile and it features about 85% of the recycled cotton and only 15% of plastic fibers.



  • Freedom to imprint a variety of materials
  • Works efficiently and durable design
  • Non-sticky surface is easy to clean
  • Non-slip rubber handle, comfortable to handle
  • Heat resistant Teflon coating
  • Detachable lower platform


  • The plat may come off
  • Sometimes the temperature may fluctuate
  • The left side of the plate takes time to get hot enough


Why Should You Buy Slendor heat press?

Finding electronics or machines can be challenging mainly due to warranty concerns. However, with Slendor you have a 3-year warranty that instantly tells you about its solid manufacturing design. Also, you have all the essential accessories along with it that make this package a reliable option to opt for.

Even if you are new to using a heat press machine, Slendor is offering you the jargon-free user’s manual that makes it an easy-to-use heat press in all respects. This heat press machine comes equipped with plenty of industrial-leading features including its reliability in temperature and time management.


With this review, we have included all the essential and up-to-date parameters that can add value while you are purchasing the heat press machine. This machine by Slendor has been designed with quality standards and that makes it outstanding in each of its performing points.

If you are looking for a pressure-precise machine that is amazing in its output, we recommend you to try out this machine plus its extensive variety to imprint design on would only enhance your experience.