StarCraft 15×15 ClamShell Heat Press Review of 2023

starcraft 15x15 heat press reviewsThe seemingly difficult task of heat pressing becomes a lot easier with the right machine. If it takes hours to figure out how the machine operates merely, then that model is simply not worth it. Lucky for you that is not the case with the StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press.

As appealing as this machine seems, operating it is also a simple and easy task. There are no hidden controls and aggravating settings that require in-depth research. The touchscreen display makes the entire procedure of operating it seem like a child’s play.

The rugged body of this heat press is filled with many other nifty features as well. The only way for you to experience the luxury i.e., the StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press is to use it yourself.

Therefore, read the below-stated detailed article to familiarize yourself with this nifty machine, and afterwards, you can get your hands on it.


What Makes StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press Stand Apart?

The unique clamshell-style opening feature of this heat press is the first thing that sets it in the limelight, apart from the rest of the models. The automatic power-off feature further pushes it on top of the pedestal. The cherry on top of an already amazing deal is the presence of suction cup feet at the base, keeping the machine stable in its place. Lastly, the addition of a touchscreen control panel will make sure the user can operate this model with ease.

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StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press Review

StarCraft 15x15 Heat PressStarCraft is a name that should not be taken lightly, for their heat press machine designs are ruling in the market. Their famous StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press is proof of how thoughtfully their models are constructed.

First of all, this heat press comes with a mint colour coating on the exterior. This is a unique shade which is not commonly found in such machines.

However, this model has more to offer than mere looks. It comes with a solid construction comprising high-grade steel. The sturdy construction is the first perk of this machine.

Moving forward, this model has a platen surface size of 15 inches x 15 inches. This size is perfect for small home-based projects as well as commercial ones.

Therefore, the heat press can be used by professionals and beginners. The thick layer of sponge occupying the bottom platen will make sure that the transfer is always neat and even from every side, as it spreads heat evenly.

The addition of 6 packs of heat transfer sheets in the package is a very thoughtful gesture by the manufacturers. No need to buy any Teflon sheets as the creators of this robust model have got your back.


The unique clamshell design of the heat press is one of those things that set the machine apart. The further addition of a thick knob responsible for adjusting the pressure makes the task easier.

Moreover, the contoured design of the said knob shows how thoughtfully this machine has been designed. The suction cups occupying the bottom of the heat press make it easier to keep the machine in its place.

In addition to that, this model also comes with a touchscreen control panel, no more bumping any buttons. With just a touch, the time and temperature will be adjusted.


Unique Clamshell Opening

The first highlighting feature of this heat press is its unique clamshell opening design. Instead of the top platen opening only a few inches, it goes up quite high. This gives users more room to easily work on their projects.

They can add and remove items from the heated platens without coming into direct contact with the platens. Moreover, this design also gives the heat press a smaller footprint. Therefore, it will occupy less space on the table.


Automatic Power Off

Another great addition to the stunning design of this heat press is the automatic power-off feature. This feature is responsible for turning the machine off automatically when it sits idly for 60 minutes.

The moment the threshold of 60 minutes is crossed, the automatic power-off feature kicks in and turns the heat press off. The addition of this safety feature adds more stars to the already amazing design of this model.


Suction Cup Feet

The addition of suction cup feet at the bottom of this heat press has to be one of the best features. It is quite unique to see a hefty machine such as this heat press with these suction cup feet.

However, they are amazing when it comes to keeping machines in their places, which explains their addition to the StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press. The heat press will not move even slightly while you are working on it.


Touchscreen Control Panel

To make the design of this heat press even better, the manufacturers have added a small touchscreen to the side. This screen allows users to adjust the time and temperature of every press. Both of the settings can be increased and decreased very easily. Moreover, the users can also alter their temperature unit to Celsius from Fahrenheit.



  • 15 inches x 15 inches
  • Insulation layer
  • Automatic power off
  • 6 packs of heat transfer sheets included
  • Suction cup feet
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Contoured pressure knob
  • Clamshell style opening


  • No separate handles on upper platen
  • The insulation pad often slips


Why Should You Invest In StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press?

The first reason why every crafter needs to invest in this amazing heat press is its solid body that will keep the machine alive for a long time. The second reason is the presence of all the nifty features inside the solid body.

Everything from the suction cup feet, a thick layer of insulation, and an automatic power-off feature to the touchscreen control panel make the usage of this heat press more convenient.


The StarCraft 15×15 Heat Press is one of the few models that caught my eye immediately and have my admiration even after all these years. This model comes with many amazing features that make it worth every penny. Read the article above to find out for yourself, as it has an in-depth review of every feature of this amazing machine.