Zeny (12 x 15) 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press ReviewEven a flat iron can help in heat pressing T-shirts, but when it comes to mugs and other surfaces, then the real problem begins. The tediousness of heat pressing multiple substrates disappears when you have got an all-in-one kind of machine on your table. The perfect example of this scenario would be the Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press.

The high ratings and the fan following of this model do not appear from thin air. It all comes from the nifty features accumulated in its sleek and compact body. From the slide-rail design to the handy feature of the swing-away, there is a lot to love about this machine.

In all my years of crafting, very few models have earned my admiration and the Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press is one of them. I have jotted down my thoughts about this machine in detail in the article below. So, you will attain all the required information about this nifty creation in a single place.

What Makes Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press Stand Apart?

The slide-rail design of this heat press is its highlighting feature, without a doubt. Moreover, the presence of a digital control board, and the swing-away feature have further pushed this machine into the limelight. Not to mention, it comes with 5 types of presses present in a single package. Lastly, the addition of non-stick Teflon coating and dual insulation pads make it different from the rest of the models present in the market.

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Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press Review

Every machine that comes with the name Zeny dangling from it has the tendency to impress people in a heartbeat. The case of the Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press is quite similar. This model comes with a design that is straight out of a crafter’s dream.

It comes with a smaller footprint, but the small design does not hinder its performance in any way. Firstly, it comes with a 5-in-1 design which is its first perk. The manufacturers have added 5 types of presses to the package. Moreover, the 360-degree rotation feature of the top platen makes it easier to swing it away.

Furthermore, this heat press comes with a small board present at the top right corner. This is the digital control board of the machine. It has 2 small-sized screens on the front and a few options of buttons under it. The top screen displays the temperature, whilst the bottom one shows the time. The buttons at the bottom of the screens include a minus, ‘mode’, plus, and a fourth button responsible for pausing and resuming.

The control board also has a larger button at the side which is the power button. Apart from this control board, there is another nifty feature which controls one of the major settings, the pressure. The thick knob located at the top is responsible for altering pressure. The handy part is the addition of a small lever at the knob, which helps in easy manoeuvering.

The further addition of a contoured design on the arm handle brings more ease to this machine. Even though the handle lacks the comfort of rubber, the contoured shape brings a better holding grip to the table.

The presence of Teflon coating on the platens adds stunning results to the list of perks of this model along with convenience. Furthermore, the presence of 2 handles on the top platen makes moving the platen safer and easier. Lastly, with the solid base, the heat press will not budge from its spot during work.


Multifunctional Design

The best part of this heat press is that it comes with not the traditional single type of press, but 5 different varieties of presses present in the package.

These include a platen press, a mug press, a hat press, and 2 plate presses of different diameters. With the presence of a wide array of presses in a single body, it becomes possible to use this same machine for every type of project. Therefore, no more stacking your work table with multiple heat press machines.


Swing Away Feature

With the presence of the swing-away feature, it becomes possible to operate this machine with ease. Along with ease, this perk also brings more safety to the usage of this machine.

It allows the users to move the top platen 360 degrees. So, when it is time to add or remove a project between the platens, the upper platen can be moved out of the way.


Slide-Rail Design

The slide-rail design is my favourite feature of this heat press. It allows the bottom platen to be removed from the body of the machine easily. Like the name of the feature says, the slide-rail allows users to slide the bottom platen off without any hassle. No more struggling with nuts and screws.


Two Pads Of Insulation

The two layers stacked on the bottom platen are responsible for bringing better insulation to the design of this machine. They include a silicone layer and a cotton layer.

Together, these two layers will ensure that the heat press can transfer designs more evenly. Moreover, it also ensures that a design gets transferred in a single press.



  • 5-in-1 design
  • Swing-away design
  • Digital control board
  • Pressure knob with a lever
  • Solid base
  • Dual platen handles
  • Slide-rail design
  • Non-stick Teflon coating over the platen
  • Two layers of insulation pads


  • No rubber coating over the handle
  • The manual is not very clear
  • Some parts are made from plastic


Why Should You Invest In Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press?

The presence of multiple presses is the first incentive to spend your money on this model. Moreover, the presence of the swing-away, as well as the slide-rail feature, brings unparalleled convenience to its design.

In addition to that, thanks to the digital control board and the pressure knob with the lever, controlling the settings of this model will be a piece of cake. All of these benefits make it the perfect fit for crafters of every grade.


Purchasing the Zeny 5 in 1 Heat Press will get you more than just a single type of heat pressing machine. The nifty features and handy perks of this model make it worth each penny spent on it. So, instead of wasting time, read the article above to get know-how about this machine and then get it for your studio.