Hix Heat Press Review in 2023

Hix Heat Press ReviewsUsing an easy press to do your heat pressing projects may be convenient, but its results hold no candle to that of a hefty machine.

What a larger capacity and heavy-duty machine can do, a smaller one will never be able to reciprocate. The Hix Heat Press is living proof of that.

This heavy-duty heat press is a one-time investment. The bulky body of the machine houses many astounding features that will not only give the desired results, but the said results will also come with many other benefits. The larger surface is ideal for your small, home-based projects as well as larger professional-grade ones.

This is merely the beginning, as there are so many more awe-worthy perks encased in the steel body of this heat press. Therefore, to give this model the proper and well-deserved recognition, I had to sum up my thoughts in the article below. It lists every single perk and feature of the machine.


What Sets Hix Heat Press Apart?

No doubt, the design of this heat press comes with many features that set it apart. However, at the top of the list of its highlighting features is the fact that it can support up to 1.5 inches thick substrates.

The solid steel construction is another great feature which can not be overlooked. Moreover, its larger platen surface comes in handy when you need to work on projects of different sizes.

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Hix Heat Press Review

When it comes to heat presses, the game of Hix is on a whole new level. The way they weave their magic and build a perfect heat press for their users is simply awe-worthy. Their construction focuses on many aspects of the design, which is also the case with this Hix Heat Press.

Labelling this machine as an ordinary heat press would be unfair, as it is anything but that. It comes with a body that has been manufactured from high-grade steel. So, you do not have to worry about your precious investment getting damaged, as that won’t happen easily.

Moreover, the manufacturers have also added a flat and solid base to the bottom of the lower platen. It will do the job of keeping the machine standing upright, and will also prevent it from moving even a centimetre from its spot.

From what I have heard the best feature of this heat press is that it has a maximum capacity for substrates up to 1.5 inches thick. Honestly, this is truly something, as normally models do not have this level of tolerance for thicker substrates.

Therefore, you can even tuck a quilted blanket between the platens and the heat press will weave its magic. Furthermore, the platen is also 16 inches x 20 inches in size, so the dimensions of the project will also never become a source of headache.

The list of perks does not end here, as this heat press also comes with a certain swing-away feature added to the top platen. It allows the upper platen of the machine to be moved a full 360 degrees. So, adding and removing your projects from the heat press will never end up in burnt and scorched hands.

The small knob at the end of the upper platen is responsible for controlling the pressure level of the heat press. So, altering the pressure will be as easy as child’s play. The machine also comes with a small dial located on the side. It offers control of the temperature.

Another small feature that stood out to me was the small indicator of temperature. When the machine reaches its pre-set temperature, the indicator lights up.


Larger Surface

This goes without saying that the size of the platen limits the usage of the heat press. However, that is a general problem because the Hix Heat Press will never be the cause of that problem.

This model has a 16 inches x 20 inches wide platen, so it is wide enough for all your professional-grade larger projects. The users can tuck their smaller ones between the platens, and they will emerge with beautiful designs occupying the surface.


Solid Construction

The heavy-duty body of this model has been manufactured with none other than high-grade steel. The steel construction makes it easier for the users to keep this machine in their usage for decades.

Best of all, even after decades of use, the machine’s body will not show it. It also keeps every part and feature present inside the body safe and secure.


Insulation Pad

The importance of an insulation pad hits a user when the lower side of their project has burnt, and the design hasn’t transferred evenly. Thanks to the manufacturers at Hix, this machine will not cause any such problems as it comes with a thick layer of sponge pad covering the entire bottom platen.

This pad will ensure that the garment does not stick to the lower platen or get burnt due to direct heat. Moreover, this feature also enhances the quality of the results.



  • 16 inches x 20 inches
  • Swing away design
  • Supports up to 1.5 inches thick substrates
  • Insulation pad
  • Pressure control knob
  • Sturdy base
  • Steel construction
  • Temperature indicator


  • The arm handle isn’t comfortable
  • Very heavy in weight
  • No timer control


Why Do You Need To Buy Hix Heat Press?

No doubt, there are plenty of heat presses on the market, but every professional user still needs this nifty machine in his life. The heavy-duty design of the heat press will give you decades of usage, without any issue.

Moreover, its nifty features such as an insulation pad, pressure knob, wider and thicker substrate tolerance etc make this heat press worth the money. The swing-away feature is merely an example of the thoughtfulness of the manufacturers.



The Hix Heat Press is without a doubt the perfect fit for every user out there who craves perfect and even results. The solid construction of this machine combined with the nifty features will ensure that using this machine is as easy as pie.